Crossage EVO Automatisk Dækmonteringsmaskine.

Automatisk dækskiftemaskine, med centeropspænding, Maskinen er perfect til alle typer dæk.

Super automatisk

Leverless ( ingen brug af dækjen)

Plads besparende.

Sammenlign produktet


Crossage EVO Plus er 3 generation af Crossage dæk-skifter, som igennem disse gererationer , hele 2 gange har vundet den præstigefulde  “Top 20 Tools” award (i 2011 og 2013).
Improving a product considered as a benchmark in its market segment, has never been easy, but Giuliano succeeded in giving a “plus” (and not just the new name) thanks to the introduction of the new patented and exclusive QX PlusBP1 Plus and Center Driver Concept technologies !
QX Plus is the only system that combines the advantages of “leverless” device to those of a standard mount/demount tool. QX can be quickly and easily turned into a traditional mount/demount tool by pressing a switch. Basically, you have two tyre changers in one: leverless and traditional !
You decide which one is the fastest, easiest or most effortless way to operate on a specific tyre applications: the machine will adapt to your operation.
BP1 Plus is a powerful pneumatic bead pressing system, facilitating mounting/demounting operations of UHP and run-flat tyres; and “Plus”, at the end of the mounting procedure, it lifts up automatically, releasing the pressure on the bead and stowing itself in “rest” position, with no need for the operator to change his working position.
The arc movement of the bead breaker disks allows the disks to work purposely in misaligned position with the center hole of the rim (Center Driven Concept), thereby ensuring a better and faster penetration of the disks towards the center of the rim during the normal clockwise rotation and reducing the bead breaking time at a single turn.
Ergonomic and user-friendly, thanks to pneumatic control systems it can be used with just one hand!
Crossage EVO Plus tyre-changer is suitable for fitting/removing all kinds of passenger car tyres from 12″ to 34″ (max. wheel diam. 1200 mm./47″, max. wheel width 406 mm./16″) and it is recommended for top professional tyre specialists, servicing run flat and UHP tyres with no tool/rim contact.